Anglia Loops

by Martin Randall, photographs by Anthony Mead
Hornby-Dublo 3-rail system 1947-1964

This layout shows a mixed representation of all post-war Hornby-Dublo production eras from 1947-1964 with trains carrying the liveries of the 'Big Four' companies (LMS, LNER, GWR & SR) and nationalised British Railways, using die-cast metal, tin-plate and injection-moulded plastic materials. The now standard 12 volt DC supply for model railways was pioneered by Hornby-Dublo when first introduced in 1938 alongside clockwork versions of the same engines; production of these, however did not survive the war!
Following considerable success throughout the 1950s the range finally disappeared when Meccano Ltd was taken over by their main rivals, Tri-ang in 1965; today's 'Hornby Railways' being the old Tri-ang company using the Hornby name!
Some of the items on display were acquired new during the owners first childhood and were resurrected about ten years ago when he realised that Hornby-Dublo could still be obtained relatively easily from specialist shops & dealers around the country.

This layout is typical of the kind of set-up that a boy in the 1950s and early '60s would have been able to build (although layouts then tended to be smaller for reasons of space and cost) and features such exciting accessories as the operating Travelling Post Office (TPO) and the Turntable which all added to the enjoyment of running your very own Hornby-Dublo railway.
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